Mastering the Art and Science of Cold Brewing

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Necessity: The Mother of Invention!

While working the monotonous 9-5 cubicle lifestyle, one truth became absolutely apparent: coffee was the only salvation from endless meetings and paperwork.  Each day after work, founder Olin Nelson brewed batch after batch of coffee in his small Boston apartment, which slowly began to resemble an alchemist's workshop. There, he experimented with different flavors, adding everything from hops to jalapeños.  Some called it madness; we called it craft. Olin brought his coffee creations to office, and his colleagues were hooked. The Commonwealth Cold-Brewery was born.   

Pretty soon, Commonwealth Coffee Company outgrew its cramped Boston apartment, so we moved our brewing operations to Commonwealth Kitchen, a culinary incubator in Boston, MA.  We partnered with Hogan Brothers Coffee Roasters in Framingham, Massachusetts, a micro roastery specializing in the highest quality blends, specialty beans, and ethical sourcing.  With a Gold Cup certified roaster crazy enough to jump on board, we formulated our flagship cold brew coffee: Beantown Blend, the perfect daily (or hourly) cold brew with notes of hazelnut, chocolate, and an impossibly smooth finish. 

Commonwealth is constantly experimenting with new flavors, seasonal blends, and rare single origin beans, and remains committed to bringing the absolute best cold-brew coffee to its customers.  Check in to see that we are brewing up today!  



Olin Nelson: Founder, Cold-Brewmaster 

The alchemist behind the cold-brewery and company fall guy, Olin handles brewing operations, sourcing, formulation, sales, deliveries, marketing, finances, customer service. With an absolute passion for coffee, fair trade practices, and entrepreneurship, he is committed to sourcing the highest quality beans from around the world and introducing them to New Englanders' cold-brewed and on ice, just the way we like it! 



Mark Deming: Partner, Account Manager, Cold-Brewer

The jack of all trades and master of strategery, Mark has been with Commonwealth since the beginning.  With several years experience homebrewing beer and experimenting with unique flavor profiles, Mark was a natural fit for our cold brewery.  Plus, with roots in Finland--a country that boasts the highest coffee consumption per capita in the world--coffee is, quite literally, in his blood.