Dedicated to the Craft

At Commonwealth Coffee Co, we believe in one thing above all else.  Crafting the best cold brew you’ve ever had!  Building upon the incredible work of organic and sustainable farming, advances in roasting technology and quality control, we take specialty coffee to the next level.  At our Boston Cold Brewery, we have pioneered new brewing techniques to bring out the absolute best flavor and consistent cupping, ensuring the natural notes of each coffee reach every cup.  We are constantly sourcing and experimenting with unique coffees from around the world for our single origin special releases.  Taking a note from the craft beer movement, we launched our line of rotating seasonal cold brews to pair with the ever changing New England weather.  Sourcing natural, organic, and local ingredients, we sweeten, spice, and even dry hop our cold brew coffee.  Drink Local! 

We are committed to fair trade coffee and sustainability in the lives of our coffee farmers.  Further, we seek to highlight our growers in complete farm to cup transparency.  Each bottle contains the Origin Story of the coffee and the people that harvest it.  Whether you are on the go, heading to work, or kicking back, we have crafted a cold brew just for you.   


Meet Our Team



OLIN NELSON: Cold-Brewmaster

The alchemist behind the cold brewery and company fall guy, Olin handles brewing operations, sourcing, distribution, and fire extinguishing. With an absolute passion for the craft of coffee, farm to cup fair trade practices, and entrepreneurship, he is committed to sourcing the highest quality beans from around the world, and introducing them to New Englanders' cold-brewed and on ice, just the way we like it!   



Rachael Mott: Graphics Guru

While the guys dive into barrels, and try not to break too much, Rachael makes us all look professional.  From marketing material to web design, she wields a weapon mightier than the sword, right, a mouse!  While running a successful eco friendly card company Red + Wolf, she whips up graphic masterpieces for us making her, the Graphics Guru.


Andrew Lloyd - The Switchboard

Andrew was once quoted as saying, "I'd rather sell cold brew in negative temperatures, just to add a little sport to it."  A true road warrior, Andrew can be found in every corner of New England, simultaneously.  Wielding a cooler full of cold brew, and a large notebook containing what could only be titled the book of secrets, Andrew gets our brew where it needs to go!  Landing new accounts, and managing our loyal existing stores, it's rumored Andrew once fielded 37 phone calls at the same time, making him, The Switchboard.



Connor Giallongo - the DemoGorgan

Customer turned compatriot, Connor joined Commonwealth Coffee with a healthy dependence on our cold brew coffee.  Needing to get involved, we cut Connor a deal, a lifetime supply of cold brew in exchange for sharing it with all the good people of New England.  Connor can now be found in his natural environment, organic marketplaces, farmer's markets, and demos, grinning and slinging samples.  So people, if you see free samples of our cold brew, do us a favor and try them, because he WILL take them home with him.  He is The DemoGorgan.