Our Coffee

Coffee is all about the beans! We proudly source the highest quality specialty coffee from estates and cooperatives across the globe. We support our farmers through a commitment to fair trade practices and, in doing so, we guarantee both the highest quality bean for our products and a better life for the farmers. 


Commonwealth Coffee is micro-roasted in Framingham, Massachusetts at Hogan Brothers Coffee Roasters, a specialty coffee roaster with over 20 years experience. By exclusively micro-roasting our coffee, we ensure that each roast profile is consistent and perfect for the best flavored coffee. 

The Cold-Brew Process

Whereas hot coffee is traditionally brewed by using boiling water to extract coffee from the grounds, we microbrew our beans in cold, filtered water for 24 hours. This process extracts more of the natural coffee flavor, while leaving behind 67% of the acidity. The result is a naturally sweet, smooth, and more flavorful iced coffee that boasts about 1.5x the caffeine and requires no additional additives. Thus, our cold brew is a healthier, more flavorful, ready to drink coffee perfect for any time of day..

Our Boston-based cold brewery is our laboratory, and we are always experimenting with new beans, flavors, and processes. Stay tuned for our latest offerings! 


On Tap at the Cold-Brew-ery



Beantown Blend

Commonwealth's Beantown Blend is an impossibly smooth blend of Colombian beans that will disappear before your very eyes! A complex cold-brew with smokey undertones and notes of hazelnut and mocha, every sip is full of flavor. Whether getting a jump start on your morning, trying to stay awake in the 4 o'clock meeting, or pulling an all-nighter in the library, this is the perfect cold brew for any time of day.  




As the New England winter freeze starts to break, the Maple trees give us the sweet and savory sap cherished in every home.  The trees are TAPPED in February and sappers extract nature's most precious gift, boil it down and make delicious Maple syrup.  We infuse this into each brew crafting an full bodied, aromatic maple coffee with a subtly sweet, super smooth finish.  Skoal!   

Seasonal Flavor: Vermont Maple Infused 


Spring Seasonal: HOPERATION

This bright and refreshing brew is as unique as it is delicious!  We use our fair trade, USDA organic coffee and dry hop it with full cone Centennial hops.  Extracting the oils and resins from the hop, each sip is a whirlwind of citrusy floral notes with a strong backbone of of delicious coffee.  Hop nerds beware, you may have just found your morning IPA.  Cheers! 

Seasonal Flavor: Centennial Dry Hopped Cold Brew!  Citrus and Floral Notes 





Summer SEASONAL: Buzzed

When Summer hits in New England, whether it's in April or July, we flock to the beach, hit the trails, and play hooky from work.  We savor every warm day, and as with every season, complain about the heat weather in the process.  Our Summer seasonal BUZZED is a refreshingly smooth, honey infused brew with a full bodied sweetness perfect for those hot summer days, and campfire nights.    

Seasonal Flavor: Naturally sweetened with Honey!